Kent State May 4th Stories

My interest in American history began in 8th grade with a project I did for History Day on the shootings at Kent State University on May 4, 1970. Since then, I have revisited the topic for a variety of writing and history projects. Here are a few of them:

Youth Activism in American History: A Homeschool Unit Study for Middle School Students [link], developed as a final project for the “Making Meaning of May 4th” NEH workshop run by Kent State University in summer 2021.

Towards a Historiography of the Kent State Shootings [pdf download], a research paper submitted for a graduate history class at Salem State University in December 2003. (Includes professor comments.)

Thirteen Seconds: A Sixty Minute Screenplay [pdf download], a script for a biopic about May 4th survivor Alan Canfora that I wrote for an undergraduate screenwriting class at George Washington University in 1995. (Includes professor comments.)

History Day Report [pdf download], an essay about my initial History Day project that I wrote as an 8th grader in 1989.