Travel Writing

From 2018-2019 I was the Roads Scholar editor for the now defunct magazine of the Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers. In that role, I wrote several articles about educational travel in Virginia and “roadschooling” across the USA:

“Roads Scholar: Caving in Virginia,” VA Homeschoolers Voice, September-October 2019.

“Road Tripping American History: Westward Expansion,” VA Homeschoolers Voice, September-October 2019.

“Roads Scholar: Eat Your Way Across VA,” VA Homeschoolers Voice, March-May 2019.

“Roads Scholar: Off the Beaten Path in Williamsburg,” VA Homeschoolers Voice, January-February 2019.

“Visiting Yellowstone: Our First National Park,” VA Homeschoolers Voice, January-February 2019.

“Road Schooling the Homes of Virginian Presidents,” VA Homeschoolers Voice, November-December 2018.

“Road Schooling American History: The American Revolution,” VA Homeschoolers Voice, June-August 2018.

“Road Schooling American History: The 13 Colonies,” VA Homeschoolers Voice, March-May 2018.

Back in college (a million years ago), I founded and edited The George Washington University’s first study abroad literary magazine. We only had one print issue, but a few years later I published it online. The Internet Archive (also in its early days) managed to save some of it: Abroadenings.